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Small (and brutal) World

We had been to every single shop that we could think of in Durban. We’d spent more money on board games than we had intended on a trip that neither of us could really afford but had decided to come on anyway. And we were still searching for one more game. It wasn’t like it was an obscure one – we probably could have bought it online without a problem, but we were in Durban, a city centre, and for Pete’s sake, somewhere had to have it! On the last day of our trip, we made one final attempt. It wasn’t even to a shop that we held out high hopes for – we’d been to other Exclusive Books branches with absolutely no luck, but we wanted one last try. And sure enough, as I wandered into the aisle of board games, I whooped loudly enough to make other readers glare as I caught a glimpse of the colourful box. “Baby,” I half-shouted, half-whispered, not wanting to irritate anyone else unnecessarily. “They’ve got Small World!”

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Dare to Escape?

The sounds of the rain forest surround you and your group of friends as you clutch boldly to your fistful of dice, nails digging into your palms waiting to hear that rumbling voice. Every breathe feels loud and obnoxious. Beads of sweat begin to form. And then it begins. “ESCAPE.” With that, a scrambling of dice commences as you and your friends race to beat the clock, rolling as quickly as you can and exploring this hidden temple to find the exit and escape alive.

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What Next?

The world of board games is BIG – bigger than I had ever imagined. I thought that our collection was pretty extensive – it certainly rivaled those of our friends, and even that of the biggest board game geek that we know – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Game collectionWith such a selection of games to choose from, it’s pretty difficult to decide where I want to go from here, and I could do with some help from those who are looking forward to reading the blog. Here’s what I want to know… what do you want to see here next? I’ve put together a quick poll for those who would like to take part, otherwise let me know in the comments if there is a particular game that you would like to see reviewed.

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