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Dare to Escape?

The sounds of the rain forest surround you and your group of friends as you clutch boldly to your fistful of dice, nails digging into your palms waiting to hear that rumbling voice. Every breathe feels loud and obnoxious. Beads of sweat begin to form. And then it begins. “ESCAPE.” With that, a scrambling of dice commences as you and your friends race to beat the clock, rolling as quickly as you can and exploring this hidden temple to find the exit and escape alive.

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You Can’t Take Firefly From Us

To me, Nathan Fillion is Malcolm Reynolds. I know that I must have seen him in roles before, and I have certainly seen him in roles since, but they are nothing but hollow shells compared to the gun-slinging, insult-hurling, honour-driven space cowboy that I have come to know and love. And if the poll that I put up is anything to go by, I’m fairly sure that I’m not alone in my love for Mal and his crew aboard Serenity. Firefly may have been a short-lived series, but it’s one that has left a legacy blazing a trail behind it’s untimely demise. The real question then is this –¬†How does Firefly: The Board Game live up to this legacy?

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What Game Is For You?

I have a friend. Surprising, I know, but I have a specific one in mind. The first time she came over to our house, she warned us that she hated board games.
“That’s because you don’t know of the good ones,” we said, rolling our eyes and shaking our heads.
“I do,” she assured us, “I come from a gaming family.”
And, sure enough, she recognised and had played a good few of the games that we had in our collection. But she still left our house having been converted to the joys of board gaming. I like to think that this is because we can read people pretty well and know what kind of games would suit their personalities.

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