Durban Antics

I may or may not have gone a little crazy on my recent trip to Durban. I guess it depends on what you think is crazy. If you happened to think that scouring every gaming store and Exclusive Books that we came across was perfectly normal, then you’d be less inclined to think of my antics as irrational. You may change your mind though when I tell you that my scouring led to the purchase of six brand new board games and one expansion!

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Taking Back The Geek

“I’m not a geek,” she proclaimed loudly and indignantly.
“You’re geekier than I am,” I announced.
“No,” she exclaimed, horrified at the suggestion, “I’m really not.”


Definition courtesy of Google’s “Define” function

When I was growing up, being a geek was seen as a bad thing – it meant that you were otherwise, that you didn’t fit in. It was an insult that was hurled indiscriminately at anyone who focused a little bit more on school work or was just that little bit less social than the others around them. It was a label that I avoided, thankfully, by bordering on the social boundaries. I wasn’t outgoing, but I wasn’t a loner. I spent a lot of time on the computer, but not enough to raise a geek alert. And yet, there was no doubt in my mind that geek was the best description for me. I didn’t have it hurled in my direction or said with malice, but it just seemed to fit. It was like a dress that I wore under my everyday clothes, a label that provided me with comfort. I could call myself a geek, could accept it and see it as something that set me apart, without it being negative. Because believe it or not, being different is not a bad thing!

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Considering Citadels

I remember the day that we bought Citadels well. It was our last day in Cape Town and I had four people to see at different ends of the city. That, and Mr. Geekess and I really wanted to stop by Wizards’ one last time to see if there were any games that we had missed on our first trip. But time was short, and I left him to wander the shop on his own while I raced to meet a friend in Sea Point. I returned an hour and a half later cursing Cape Town traffic and holding thumbs that we’d make it to the airport on time to catch our plane since I still had to visit my gran and drop off the car and if I’d thought that time was tight before, it was practically throttling us now! Which meant that I barely had time to gawk at the two bags full of games that he bundled into the car before we were back in the traffic and heading to our next stop.

That Cape Town trip, we bought seven board games in total, most of which we’d never even heard of. Citadels was one of those – a last minute purchase that Mr. Geekess thought would fit in nicely with our collection and would sit well with our group of friends. And how right he was!

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Conquering Puerto Rico

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a settler? A conqueror? An explorer? Planting crops, managing workers and trying not just to succeed, but to prosper is what Puerto Rico is all about.

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You Can’t Take Firefly From Us

To me, Nathan Fillion is Malcolm Reynolds. I know that I must have seen him in roles before, and I have certainly seen him in roles since, but they are nothing but hollow shells compared to the gun-slinging, insult-hurling, honour-driven space cowboy that I have come to know and love. And if the poll that I put up is anything to go by, I’m fairly sure that I’m not alone in my love for Mal and his crew aboard Serenity. Firefly may have been a short-lived series, but it’s one that has left a legacy blazing a trail behind it’s untimely demise. The real question then is this – How does Firefly: The Board Game live up to this legacy?

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Not Quite How To Tuesday Yet…


So, I’d been hoping to have my first How To up so that I could start How To Tuesdays (almost as good as Taco Thursdays if I do say so myself!) but life kind of got in the way. So instead, I am putting this here for people to let me know which game they would like to see reviewed on Thursday… go wild!

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What Game Is For You?

I have a friend. Surprising, I know, but I have a specific one in mind. The first time she came over to our house, she warned us that she hated board games.
“That’s because you don’t know of the good ones,” we said, rolling our eyes and shaking our heads.
“I do,” she assured us, “I come from a gaming family.”
And, sure enough, she recognised and had played a good few of the games that we had in our collection. But she still left our house having been converted to the joys of board gaming. I like to think that this is because we can read people pretty well and know what kind of games would suit their personalities.

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Haunted Houses Breed Betrayal

“I’ll do it if you do it.”
“I dare you.”
“What are you? A scaredy cat?”

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture the conversation that is going on between the characters of Betrayal at House on the Hill before they decide to enter the mysterious, very obviously haunted, house. I blame American television for that. There are no haunted houses in South Africa – the closest that we’ve got are tokoloshes and tsotsis. And yet, we all know that when a group of people enter an abandoned house together, they are all going to die. Or most of them will. Or there will be some kind of heroic person who dies to save everyone else. All of these scenarios and more are played out in Betrayal at House on the Hill.

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What Next?

The world of board games is BIG – bigger than I had ever imagined. I thought that our collection was pretty extensive – it certainly rivaled those of our friends, and even that of the biggest board game geek that we know – but it’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Game collectionWith such a selection of games to choose from, it’s pretty difficult to decide where I want to go from here, and I could do with some help from those who are looking forward to reading the blog. Here’s what I want to know… what do you want to see here next? I’ve put together a quick poll for those who would like to take part, otherwise let me know in the comments if there is a particular game that you would like to see reviewed.

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Yo’ Ho’ and a Bottle of… Fun

Updated: Mr. Geekess has decided that he too would like to have his say on the games that I review, and I have permitted this. His summary has been added below and will be included in all game reviews going forward.

There is a soft spot for pirates in our household. We celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day on an annual basis, and Grant dresses up like a pirate at every opportunity that he gets. We own more than one eye patch, and have gone through quite a few pirate hats, guns and swords over the years. So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that we own Pirate’s Cove. (If it does, you clearly don’t know us very well at all. Which wouldn’t be surprising, since this is a blog, not a house party.)

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